New Directions


"New Directions is a practical guide for people entering the workforce and for those interested in raising their game! It is also a powerful resource for professional coaches and talent management practitioners alike.  is book presents a clear three-phased framework for success complete with supporting tools and references—a MUST-READ!”
—DR. TERRENCE E. MALTBIA, Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Organization and Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University, Faculty Director, Columbia University Coaching Programs

“  The business environment has undergone a revolutionary change in the last decade, and New Directions delivers refreshing insights to help navigate your career path to achieve personal growth. Jim Ward leverages the breadth and depth of his thirty years of experience as consultant, coach, and practitioner to share perceptive views and provide practical advice. I found New Directions thought-provoking and instructive, as I am sure you will, regardless of what stage you are in your career.”
—BOB ETTL, chief operating o cer of Harvard Management Company, Inc.

“ Finding a great mentor is the most important step in career development for a young professional (and even a not-so-young one!).  rough New Directions, we all have access to one of the best and most experienced coaches, sharing deeply practical
advice for the disrupted and changing modern workplace. You owe it to yourself to take on the challenge of thinking through New Directions with Jim’s great help!”
chief executive o cer of Janus Capital Group

“ If you are looking for a new direction, don’t travel the road alone. Bring a sage guide who knows the way and has the tools you need. Jim Ward is your trusted companion for navigating the ever-more complex job market.  There are few who know the journey better from years of experience on both sides
of the desk. In this book, he off ers you his wisdom and three invaluable treasures: a map, a compass, and a lantern to shine on every step of the path.”
—JOSHUA EHRLICH, PHD, chairman of the Global Leadership Council,
and author of MindShifting: Focus on Performance.

Careers don’t just happen.

Our defi nition of career and how we approach the workplace have undergone a profound paradigm shift. In the modern economy, career transitions are common: Layoff s, changes in management, corporate downsizing, mergers, restructuring—even a diffi cult boss—can all
lead to a new job or even a completely new line of work. What do you do when you have to find some new direction? Managing a long career is hard work, but author James Ward off ers a practical career toolbox, full of strategies for success at every
career stage, including

  • How to choose and plan your career path

  • How to handle career transitions

  • How to fi nd a job

  • How to succeed once you’re hired

  • How to create a strategy for the future

Ward turns his thirty years of professional coaching and HR experience, and firsthand observations of a changing business landscape into actionable career strategies. It’s critical that you be willing and able to transition into a new job—sometimes into a new career. New Directions
provides the tools necessary to excel in today’s shifting professional world.