my focus


The focus of any coaching curriculum is to facilitate the client’s self-awareness, help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately embrace change. The ancient Greek philosophers’, going back to Socrates, coined the term “Know Thyself.” Today, this theme is the heart of the coaching experience. Knowing yourself requires knowing your capabilities and limitations. Most importantly, knowing yourself also requires knowing how others perceive your actions and behaviors.

Individual Executive Coaching – Focused on individual and organizational performance. Professionals who are successful may need coaching for a host of reasons. Individuals elevated into new, larger and more complex roles within an organization. Those at risk of derailing due to leadership/management style issues, or cultural incapability often need coaching to promote change. Athletes train with coaches their entire career to achieve superior performance. Individual coaching programs are tailored to the individual need and organizational situation, but vary from 90-days to six months.

Career Coaching – Are you in career transition, looking to make your next career move, or perhaps have been displaced and need transition support. My 90-day “Career Launch” program is modeled after the U.S. Army’s leadership-training model of “Be, Know, Do.” This time-honored principle forms the backbone of my “Career launch” program. The purpose of my career coaching program is to help individuals achieve their full potential and co-create enduring change through learning, development and self-awareness.


Performance Management  - My approach to performance management is different! It focuses on coaching as a tool to drive performance change. My premise is that having a “feedback” rich culture is the only way to drive performance and enhance positive change. All managers must take ownership of managing their employees; performance management is NOT just a HR compliance exercise. It’s all about open, honest, direct and transparent communication.

Leadership Assessment – The cost of betting on the wrong person is high! Many organizations are now using psychometric testing as a way to screen talent, before an offer is made. Predicting success is very difficult, particularly when it comes to culture fit. I use the Hogan Assessment tool to increase the success rate of executive appointments. This assessment tool, based on forty years of predictive analytics will increase the precision of selection decisions and mitigate the risks associated with senior level professional hiring.

Team Capacity Building – Having managed HR teams over the years, I have learned the importance of business alignment and effective team communication. Without it; prepare to fail! I work with teams to build capacity and enhance performance. I bring experience, judgment and practical application to building best-in-class teams.